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Saturday, 15 Dec 2018


RESTAssure began when the need for more compliant patient care was not being reached. Because of the ever-changing economic structure of today 's society, the need to provide patients with good, reliable and professional care became an issue. What seemed to lack was that patients were being serviced but forgotten. Their needs and concerns were not meet by the agencies that they had to deal with. RESTAssure 's had its early beginning dealing with clients that had special needs. Through this experience RESTAssure saw the need to be more attentive to patients concerns. Providing exceptional service and quality products has become a priority for RESTAssure. RESTAssure is committed to meeting patients, clients medical and financial restrictions and has developed programs to help aid clients with these issue.




Our Values:

* Client Focused - clients come first.

* Continuous education for all team members.

* Our primary goal is to exceed client expectations.

* Flexibility of care and service provision at the time and place specified by the client.

* Full scope of services for infants to seniors.

* Continuous follow-up and review of all clients ( including potential clients).

* On going performance indicator development and Annual Public Report Card on Quality Improvements at RESTAssure.

* All professional staff are certified, registered and licensed based on industry and government regulations and standards.

* Commitment to Continuous Quality Improvement through education, client feedback and follow up.